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Why my domain was labeled as HREFLANG?

If you've experienced this error at any time while connecting your domain to your Subbly website, this article will have all the necessary info to guide you in the process of solving the issue.

Why is HREFLANG shown in my domain configuration?

When trying to connect a domain to a new website and said the domain was previously connected to any of your other Subbly created sites, you will be prompted with the following message if the record was not deleted from the previous site.

As a result of this, you will see your domain labeled as Hreflang instead of Connected as it would normally do.

How to fix and connect my domain to my website?

To fix the HREFLANG issue, you will need to delete both domain records found on your current and previous sites.

First, go to your sites created at Subbly and access the template where the domain was previously connected to and delete the domain record by accessing the Domain app and clicking on the following icon.

After deleting the domain from your previous site, you can access your current active template, the one you would like to go live and delete the domain record so you can connect it again by following the instructions found here.

That's it! Your domain should now as connected to your site.

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