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Andrija Krstic Updated by Andrija Krstic is a Visa owned company specialized for managing payments through credit card processing. Alongside Stripe, Braintree and PayPal, this is also one of the supported payment gateways for collecting recurring payments from your customers on Subbly. Here's how to set everything up properly.

Setup process

In order to set your store for payments via you need to go to Billing section of your admin and make sure to opt for adding as in the picture below.

In case you already have one of the other gateways added, your admin will look a bit different and you will need to click on Add Payment Gateway and then choose from the drop-down.

Either way, you will be immediately prompted to provide 3 values in order for integration to be complete: API Login ID, Transaction Key and API Key. All three of these can be extracted from dashboard.

Now it's time to login to your account and navigate over to Account tab and click on API Credentials & Keys.

You will be able to obtain your API Login ID from the next page, so feel free to copy it to the corresponding field on Subbly's dashboard.

Come back to the same page on and, if you don't have transaction keys created, make sure to create them using the widget found on the bottom of the same admin page where you got the API Login ID from.

You will likely be prompted to verify your identity by inputting PIN sent to your email so make sure to do that in a separate modal as well.

Once the keys have been created, in order to obtain the public keys you need to go back to Account section of the admin and click on Manage Public Keys which can be found under Security Settings panel.

Copy the keys from the next page to corresponding fields on Subbly and you're done!


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