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What are subscriptions?

Subscriptions are everywhere nowadays. We tend to believe that in the world of today, basically every business is a subscription business. At Subbly, we provide the solution for you to offer your products or services on a subscription basis to the rest of the world

Basic definition

Subscription understands the business model where the customer pays a regular fee (daily, weekly, monthly...) to receive the product or a service from a merchant on a regular basis. Subscriptions are ongoing (recurring) and can be usually cancelled at any point during the subscription (if not stated otherwise and if not bound by a contract to a specific time frame). 

To simplify things, you are subscribed to your weekly magazine, you are subscribed to Netflix, you are also subscribed (in a way) to your gym by paying monthly membership that grants you access to it. 

Still wondering about the subscription model? We have compiled all of what you need to know in this blog article.

How can Subbly help you set your subscription store?

Here at Subbly, we are passionate about being the subscription-first platform by providing solutions for anyone looking to run a:

  • physical type of subscription business (the one that involves sending a physical product on a pre-set cadence)
  • membership type of subscription business (by offering a service on a recurring basis)

This does not mean, however, that you can't still run a simple one time product store through Subbly. We offer a flexible and versatile platform that tends to cover all different types of setups for the merchants. 

If you're wondering why you should choose Subbly to power your business, we invite you to take a read here

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