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Churn Insights

Churn Insights gives you a powerful insight into when your customers are cancelling. If you'd want to see a breakdown of why your customers are cancelling their subscription with your store (and to change the reasons that they are able to choose) you should refer to the cancellation analytics feature.

Video tutorial

Churn Insights are giving you a graphical presentation of how many subscribers cancelled their subscription within X days from when it initially started. 

It's extremely important that you use this tool in conjunction with the cancellation flow feature which will help you understand the reasons for cancelling and will help you develop strategies of fighting churn for the future. For detailed video instruction on how to setup your churn suite on Subbly please check the video below.

Understanding Churn Insights

There's nothing here that you'll need to set, except for the date range.

Date range picker will cover how many subscribers were created (subscribed) in a given period.

X-asis will show the number of days/weeks/months subscriber was active on your store before cancelling (if we're looking into week 1 peak, that means that many customers have cancelled within the 1st week). 

Y-axis will show total number of customers cumulative. 

You're also able to apply further filters (by product or by reason) from the advanced filters panel on the same page. 

For a most extensive explanation of why churns matter, please read our blog post!

If you need further help with this, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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