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Customer retention

How dunning tool works on Subbly?

What happens when the customer's payment fails and how to streamline the process of failed invoices collection

Updated 7 months ago

Cancellation Offers (Cancellation Flow)

Setup a seamless churn retention tactic to prevent customers from churning away

Updated 1 year ago

Cancellation Analytics

Helps you understand why are your customers cancelling and what you can do to prevent it

Updated 1 year ago

Churn Insights

Understand why customers are cancelling their subscriptions and what you can do to prevent it

Updated 1 year ago

Payment Failure Email

Instructions on how to communicate with your customers in case their subscription renewal is unsuccessful.

Andrija Krstic
Updated 2 years ago by Andrija Krstic

Upcoming Renewal Email

FAQ and different uses of the Upcoming Renewal email template

Updated 1 year ago

Predictive churn (powered by AI)

Predictive churn is an AI-powered add-on and it makes a huge step forward in terms of churn optimization. Subbly already has a very robust tool for customer retention , however, this feature lets you…

Andrija Krstic
Updated 10 months ago by Andrija Krstic
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