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Why am I not seeing my orders?

Wondering why you're not seeing your orders even though the notification is showing X amount of pending orders? It's all done through the filtering system so we'll go ahead and review this in the article below.

What is the filtering tool and how to use it?

The filter tool is found in various sections, most notably in the orders, subscriptions and invoice tabs on the admin. Each section has it's own filtering properties which you can use to narrow down the search and find the exact info you're looking for.

Very important consideration here is that when using the filter tool, there's a couple of things worth considering. First thing is that besides the specific properties that you can apply, the crucial one is the date span filter which includes all of the orders/subs/invoices for a certain period. 

There are a couple of options that you can apply here but the main difference is between ALL TIME and selecting a certain specific timespan in order to narrow down the search (for example, looking for orders for a specific month only).


Why am I not seeing my pending orders?

For example, if you're seeing 10 pending orders in the notifications section but they're not visible on the orders list, it's due to the filter.

Very important consideration is that the orders are filtered by their shipping date, not their creation date. So for example, if you have 10 orders set to ship in September but you have the filter settings set for the month of August, the actual September pending orders are not going to be visible.

Customer just purchased the sub but I'm not seeing any orders?

This is probably because the customer purchased a gift subscription and had set the starting date to be some date in the future. When this happens, the customers profile is created, with all the relevant info but their first initial charge is going to happen on the renewal date specified in their profile.

For additional information on how the gifting is working on the checkouts please see here.

You'll notice a label "Not started" which means that the actual starting date is the renewal date highlighted below when the subscription is going to start and the customer billed for the first time:

Most common occurrence here is related to incoherent subscriptions. When creating incoherent subs, it's gonna create all of the orders as soon as the charge is processed for the upcoming period.

This means for example, if it's an annual sub which is shipped on a monthly basis, it's gonna create 12 individual orders for this time period.

Important consideration here is that only the first order will be labeled as "awaiting delivery" while the other orders with shipping dates a bit further in the future will be marked as "future orders". When filtering for pending orders, they will not show in the search, as they'll only change status when they reach their set shipping date.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach to the support team 24/7.

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