Pricing structure and applicable transaction fees on Subbly

Currently our pricing includes the following:

  • A monthly service fee based on the chosen plan.
  • Transaction fee of 1% (for Stripe) or 1.25% (for PayPal)
  • Payment processor's transaction fees (see section below 👇)

❗ Please note, our monthly fees do not include the payment processor's fees which will also apply. Based on what payment processor are you using to process payments for your customer (and based on what plan are you currently with Subbly), you will be charged an additional transaction fee per transaction. For associated transaction fees structure for selected payment processors, please make sure to check respective pricing pages on their sites. 

For more details on how pricing plans work on Subbly, please refer to the article 👉 here

Is VAT included in price of subscription? 

Depending on where your business is located and whether you've registered your business for VAT or not, finally, depending on whether you've added the VAT number to the Billing settings of your Subbly admin, we might be charging 20% VAT on top of the regular subscription fee for your Subbly invoice. 

Make sure to read more on how are we charging VAT 👉 here

Referral tool transaction fees

You are perhaps already familiar with the referral tool feature on Subbly 😉 If you are using referral tool to acquire new customers, there is an additional transaction fee associated with using the referral tool based on different plans you're on. With that said, if you're on:

  • Lite or Basic plan ➡ transaction fee is 5%
  • Subbly plan ➡ transaction fee is 4%
  • Advanced plan ➡ transaction fee is 3%
Referral transaction fee is charged on top of regular Subbly's fee (1% or 1.25%) and is charged for every payment for the referred customer, not only the first payment.

Example #1 (using Stripe on Lite plan)

Let's take an example (using Stripe) where your customer pays you $10 for your product.

  • Subbly's fee: 10¢ (1%)
  • Stripe's fee: 59¢ (2.9% + 30¢)
  • Total fee: 69¢
  • You're left with = $9.31 🤑

Example #2 (using PayPal on Subbly plan)

Let's say that the monthly price for the product is $100 that you've charged your customer for through Braintree and PayPal. 

  • Subbly's fee: $1.25 (1.25%)
  • Braintree/PayPal fee: Depends on the geolocation, you can see the full table here
  • Total fee: Depends on PayPal's fees. 
Subbly takes 1% flat transaction fee for Stripe on any plan, and 1.25% for transactions taken through PayPal on Lite, Basic and Subbly plan, and 1% for PayPal transactions on Advanced plan. 

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