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How to translate the checkout and the customer portal?

Use our storefront translation to improve the customer experience when using the Checkout and the Customer Portal by customizing wording and even translating the language.

This feature is available if you're on one of the following plans: Basic, Subbly or Advanced. Different plans will enable you to add a different number of checkout and customer portal translations. Make sure to read more about the plans we offer here.

When should I use the checkout and the customer portal translations?

  • Let's say you are running a store for many customers who speak a different language than English.
  • If you want to provide extra clarity and personalize some words or terms to be adequate for your product or market. 
  • To match the tone of the checkout and customer portal with your brand's spirit!

How to set up this feature?

You can get access to this feature directly from your Admin. Just navigate to Settings and look up Storefront Translations (or click here).

Then, click on Enable.

Finally, click on Add Translation if you'd want to add another language.

The English language is set up by default, and by clicking on the Customize button to the right, you'll see all the phrases/values that can be edited from the different screens of the checkout & customer area.

Rewrite the word in the field below each phrase and click on Save to change it.

To easily find specific words, you can use the search box at the top right or click on the headers to be redirected to that section in particular.

How do I add a new language?

Simply click on the Add translation + button in the main menu. You can choose from our pre-installed templates, such as French and Spanish.

When the widget opens, start by renaming the language to fully customize what your customers will see and set the currency symbol position to match your country's usage.

Once the template is chosen, you can personalize, if needed, the new language following the same steps explained earlier. Once you're finished, publish the language by enabling the Published toggle.

If you'd want to make this new language your primary one, i.e. the one your customers will see when initiating the checkout or going into the customer portal, click on the three dots to the right and select Make primary.

Additionally, if you'd like to keep only one language, you can unpublish the redundant one or remove it.

Can I add more languages besides those from the templates?

Of course! You can add as many different languages as you need to, but you must start with one of the pre-installed templates

Simply select the template you'd like to translate, rename the language and choose the appropriate code.

Then you're ready to start customizing.

What does it look like for my customers?

They can switch between languages on the top right corner of the screen.

The same applies to the customer portal.

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