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Can I add customer's subscriptions manually?

Ever wondered if you're able to add customers manually? The short answer is that is not possible, but you'll be able to add subscriptions manually to existing customers or migrate from a different platform and we will elaborate a bit further below!

Is it possible to add customers manually on Subbly?

We briefly mentioned this in the intro, but it's not possible to add customers manually as all users will need to go through the checkout initially in order to get registered by the system.

While not able to add them manually initially, you'll be able to add and create manual orders and subscriptions like explained in the article here!

Can I migrate my customer base from another platform? 

Regardless of if you're using Stripe or Paypal to handle your customer's current payments, we will be able to transfer your customer's subscriptions over to Subbly.

We have migration process documented HERE in case you're moving from Stripe and HERE in case you're moving from Braintree/Paypal.

If you need any more assistance or info on the topic, please feel free to reach out to the support team 24/7.

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