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How to build your own product layout?

When creating a layout of how your products display on your Subbly site, you have two options: 

  • Use predefined Product or Products elements from the Elements section on Subbly builder
  • Create your very own layout by using individual elements such as Title, Paragraph and/or Image and combining them with programmable Buttons element. 

Creating your own layout for the products page

Given the flexibility and versatility of our new website builder, you can use your own creativity and imagination to create your own Products layout, which will make it possible for you to display your products in exactly the way you want them displayed (choosing and altering the order that products display is not possible with Products element). 

That said, these are the most common elements that you should be using when building your own section layout

  • Title - use this to create a heading that will most probably be the product's name (for example, Our Fantastic Monthly Subscription product). 
  • Paragraph - use this one to create a short description of the product. 
  • Image - use this to upload and display products' pictures. You can also use the same element a couple of times to display up to 4 images in the same row for a more visually appealing product display. 
  • Subbly Product Button - last but not least, you will need to add a programmable CTA button for Subscribe and/or Read More actions. Make sure to use Subbly programmable Button element which will make it possible for you to link the button directly to the created product pages/checkouts.

Saving the element for later use

After you created your own layout for your products, make sure to save it as a block so you can use it across the site without the need to constantly recreate it.

For more on how you can save created blocks/sections for later use, please see here. 

Use predefined Blocks

In order to save you some time, we already created some premade blocks for your header, footer or product view as well which you can use if you like the layout of them. Feel free to simply drag and drop them from the Blocks section from the left sidebar.

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