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Why are my checkouts not working?

Subbly is a complex platform and sometimes you can experience the checkouts not working if not properly set up! This article will make sure to clear any issues you might experience in the moment so make sure to read through it and implement the following suggestions on your end!

Payment processor not connected

One of the most common reasons for the checkouts not working is the fact that the payment processor is not connected to the store. As Subbly doesn't support a sandbox environment, the checkouts are live at all times and as such, need to be connected to one of the payment processors. It can be either Stripe, Braintree with PayPal or any other solution.

You'll get a warning window in this case, so make sure to go ahead and connect it so you can proceed properly.

Store has been put offline

One other option that can cause a similar issue is when the store is put offline for some reason! This is an option in the admin, if you're not currently ready to start selling but can sometimes be turned on and forgotten by the merchant, causing confusion after some time has passed!

Make sure to keep the option enabled in the General Settings within the admin, by changing the Public Status switch as shown below:

Checkout domain not properly connected

Another usual setup issue is due to an incorrect custom domain connection/setup!

When connecting the custom domain, the checkouts need to propagate and verify in order for them to work properly. Due to domain hosting providers being involved in the process, the times may sometimes vary greatly, from 5-10 minutes to multiple hours or even a day!

Make sure to properly go through the guide HERE and the process is completed when you see the verified mark in the custom domain section.

As always, feel free to reach out to the support team if anything is still unclear 24/7.

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