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Can I switch between pricing plans? (on Subbly)

Andrija Krstic Updated by Andrija Krstic

Changing price plan is easy even once billing has begun. You are able to both upgrade or downgrade plan that you’re currently on, at any point. This can be easily done through My plans section of your admin dashboard.

How to upgrade/downgrade your pricing plan?

In order to be able to upgrade/downgrade your pricing plan, access My plans page from here.

To upgrade your pricing plan, from this window choose the desired pricing plan and frequency, then click on Upgrade to selected plan.

After that, confirm your credit card and your account will be upgraded to the selected pricing plan and frequency.

To downgrade your pricing plan, click on the 3 dots and press on Downgrade.

Then from the following window select the pricing plan and frequency to which you'd want to downgrade, and press Confirm downgrade, and your account will be downgraded to the selected plan and frequency.

Important considerations

When changing plans and staying on month-to-month billing, changes will occur immediately, billing date will stay the same and the amount billed will be pro-rated. Since we're using Stripe to handle our payments, you can find more on how Stripe prorates billings here or in the example further below.

When switching to the annual billing plan, annual billing will take place instantly (year will be started that very moment), and the amount billed will also be pro-rated taking into account time passed from start of the month up to the point of change.

If you are on a free trial, switching plans will not result in immediate termination of trial period and billing won't begin straight away. That said, you're able to juggle between pricing plans even while on trial.

For more detailed breakdown and FAQ about the currently available pricing plans, please double check the page here. For more detailed breakdown of associated transaction fees, please double check the article here

What add-ons are currently available?

Our pricing plans are built so you practically get access to all the features we currently have to offer (even the premium ones) on any plan (including the Lite plan). The one exception is the fact that we charge an extra pass-through cost for activation of a custom domain for the checkout if you're on Basic plan. 

If you're on Basic plan and you need to move the hosting of your checkouts to your own domain, you will need to activate this add-on. You can manually do it from inside your admin by going here

Read more on how this feature works and how it needs to be setup here
Monthly price of the add-on is $5/mo. If you're on the annual plan, you will be charged for $60/year for this add-on (again, only if you're on Lite or Basic plan, this feature is included as regular on Subbly or Advanced). 

How pro-rating works

In order to understand how pro-rating works, here we have some examples below taken from Stripe's help center:

For example, say the customer is billed on the 1st of each month and that he decided to change his pricing plan exactly halfway through the plan’s billing cycle (i.e., on the 15th of April). In that case, the customer has already paid $10, and used half of the current billing cycle. When the customer switches to the new plan, with a cost of $30, the unused portion of the previous plan results in a credit of $5. The cost of the new plan for the rest of the billing cycle (i.e., the rest of April) is $15. Therefore, the total prorated cost of switching from the cheaper plan to the more expensive plan is $10. This amount is added to the next invoice.

The next invoice, on May 1st, also reflects the payment required on the new plan for that upcoming month: $30. Thus, the May 1st invoice is for a total of $40.

The customer is not billed the $40 at the time the plans are switched. The plan change impacts the next invoice, which remains on the same billing cycle (as both plans have the same billing interval).

As another example, say a customer is halfway through a monthly plan that costs $30 per month and is switched to a yearly plan that costs $300 per year. The customer is credited $15 for the unused portion of the monthly plan and owes $300 for the first year of the new plan. The customer is invoiced—at the time of the switch—$285, and the annual billing cycle begins that day.

When the new plan is less expensive than the current plan, the prorated credit is larger than the new amount due. For example, if the customer switches from the $30/month plan to the $10/month plan exactly halfway through the billing cycle, the customer receives a net credit of $10: a credit of $15 for the unused portion of the old plan less a charge of $5 for the remaining time on the new plan. The next invoice, at the start of the next billing period, reflects the $10 credit and the $10 due for a full, upcoming month on the new plan, resulting in a net amount due of $0.

When credits are created, they’ll continue to apply to subsequent invoices until the credit is covered and payment is due again. For example, a move from a $50/month plan until a $10/month plan—exactly halfway through the billing period—results in a net credit of $20: a credit of $25 for the unused portion of the more expensive plan and a debit of $5 to pay for the remainder of the billing period on the new plan. The next two invoices would net to $0.

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