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Account & Billing

Can I switch between pricing plans? (on Subbly)

How to upgrade/downgrade between pricing plans through your Subbly admin

Andrija Krstic
Updated 8 months ago by Andrija Krstic

Setting up Stripe

How to connect your Subbly site with this payment processor to start receiving payments

Updated 8 months ago

Setting up PayPal

Setting up direct PayPal integration (US customers only!)

Andrija Krstic
Updated 1 month ago by Andrija Krstic

Setting up Braintree (or PayPal through Braintree)

Setting up Braintree and solution for PayPal setup via Braintree

Updated 1 month ago

Setting up is a Visa owned company specialized for managing payments through credit card processing. Alongside Stripe , Braintree and PayPal , this is also one of the supported payment gateways fo…

Andrija Krstic
Updated 4 months ago by Andrija Krstic

Setting up Apple Pay & Google Pay?

Learn how to integrate Apple Pay & Google Pay on your checkout.

Updated 1 month ago by Rich

Setting up a specific billing time

Learn how to align the renewal time for your subscription products.

Updated 8 months ago by Sasha

How to connect a domain to your website?

Have your domain? Finished building your site on Subbly? Let's connect the dots!

Updated 8 months ago

Handling invoices

Handling your customers' invoices

Updated 8 months ago

How do I set the currency for my store?

Setting up preferred display currency on your store's checkouts

Updated 8 months ago

Country of trade setting

Implications of choosing the specific country of trade

Updated 1 year ago

Timezone setup

Setting up the timezone of your Subbly admin and general FAQ

Updated 8 months ago

Enabling taxes and using tax calculator

Options for enabling tax calculations for your product checkouts

Updated 7 months ago

How do I export taxes on Subbly?

Get taxes for the certain period exported at a glance

Updated 4 months ago

Can I grant access to more users to my account? (Teams app)

Adding more team members to your Subbly account

Updated 8 months ago

Can I manage the email notifications I receive?

Explains how to activate or deactivate default email notifications about your store.

Updated 8 months ago by Rich

How do I put my Subbly store and website offline?

If you want to make your store front unavailable to the public while working on some backend stuff

Updated 8 months ago

How do I cancel my trial?

Explains how to cancel your account if you're still on trial

Updated 8 months ago

How do I cancel my account?

How to cancel your account with Subbly. Why would you want to do that though?

Updated 4 months ago
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