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How customers manage their subscription? (Customer portal)

We've now revamped the design and looks of customer login area as per popular request! We've added lots of features for the customers there. They will be able to see their past invoices, manage their active subscriptions, change CC data or pause/cancel their subscription

Video tutorial

Before we proceed, you might have already noticed that, by default, your store's customer portal is hosted on Subbly's URL. If you'd want your customer portal to be hosted on your company's subdomain, please follow the instructions HERE

Video guide on customer portal functionalities can be found below:

While logged in to your Subbly account, you need to head here and you'll find the unique login link for your customer area as seen in the picture below

How can my customers login to their customer area?

If you used some of the Subbly themes to create your store, your customers should be able to login to their customer portal by clicking Login button on the navigation bar.

Please note that, in order for the Login button to be displayed on your store front, you should use the Account element to drag it where you would want both Cart and Login button to be displayed. 

In that case, you will need to use this URL:

with STORESLUG being the unique URL of your store created on Subbly.

Additionally, you can obtain your unique login link to your store's customer login area from here, like in the picture below.

How do customers add/change their payment source?

In order for the customers to be able to change/add their payment source, once inside their customer portal, they will need to:

  • Click on Account button on the homepage like in the picture:
  • Then choose to View wallet on the subsequent window:
  • Inside wallet, they will be able to create/add new payment methods (as shown on the image below). Since we offer Stripe,PayPal and Braintree, depending on what you set, customers can either add a credit card or connect their PayPal account (or both!).
  • They can select which is the primary method of payment by selecting and clicking the button that says "Make Primary", as seen in the image below.

If customer is looking to change the payment source associated with their subscription, he/she is now able to do that easily by clicking on Change button on the Subscriptions page of the customer portal as in the picture below

How customers cancel their subscription?

If, for some reason, your customers want to cancel their subscription entirely, they will need to do the following:

  • Click on Manage button once inside their customer portal:
  • Click on Cancel Subscription on the bottom right corner of the screen:
  • Click on Cancel My Subscription and click Confirm:

How customers skip/pause their subscription?

In order to simply skip a payment (or to prolong it for a month or 2) customer will need to follow first 2 steps like when they need to cancel subscription (see above) which will ultimately lead them to the page where they can opt for pausing their subscription:

After that, they will be prompted whether they'd like to skip 1 or 2 payments:

With our latest feature, your customers would be able to pause without any specific dates and unpause at any given point, if they have no certain amount of time pre-defined ahead of time.

You can read all about the pausing/skipping and how it works in the separate article here.

How customers can resume their subscription?

In order to resume a paused subscription, they need to click on Manage besides a subscription product and opt to Resume their previously paused subscription as in the image below.

Depending on whether the toggle found at Advanced settings to Allow customers to choose the resume date is enabled or disabled, the customers will be presented with two different use cases when unpausing.

When the toggle is enabled, customers will be presented with a calendar widget where they can pick the date to resume their subscription.

If the toggle is disabled, they will be presented with the following widget in which, on Adhoc subscriptions, renewal and charge will happen immediately upon unpausing. In Anchored subscriptions, renewal and charge will happen on the following billing date upon unpausing.

If the toggle "Update preferences when resuming/reactivating subscription on customer area" is enabled from Advanced settings, the customer will be prompted to fill up the survey (if any) attached to the subscription product in order for them to update their preferences before reactivation takes place.

How customers change their survey preferences?

In order for them to change their survey preferences initially stated on the checkout, they will need to do the following

  • From the main page, they will need to click on the Manage button as in the picture below.
  • From the following page, click on Update Choices as in the picture below. 
  • They will be prompted to re-do the survey so they'll need to change their answers/preferences and save after that.
Revised survey answers will come into effect from the next renewal date for a customer, they won't revise any existing orders if they are already created for a given customer. For more info on how we handle changing survey's questions and answers please refer to this article

How customers change their email/password associated with the account?

If they'd want to change the email/password associated with their subscription, they will need to do the following:

  • From the Subscriptions page, click on Manage button.
  • From the following screen, click on the Account settings (billing, email, password) button.

How do customers add/edit their shipping addresses?

In order for the customers to be able to add/edit their shipping address, once inside their customer portal, they will need to do the following:

From the Subscriptions page, click on the Manage button.

From the following screen, click on the Edit Shipping Address button if they'd want to change the shipping address associated with the subscription.

Customers will be able to edit, add, or select among existing shipping addresses. Also, they can choose between different shipping methods if applicable.

Editing an existing address won’t let you change City, Zip code, Country or State.

To finalize the action, press Save address and continue.

If the toggle Allow changing a shipping address for pending orders on customer area in Advanced settings is enabled a customer will be prompted with the following message:

If a customer selects No, the address change will be taken into consideration only for future orders.

If a customer selects Yes, the shipping address will be changed for all orders, i.e. both current and future orders. This is quite useful especially when the customer is on a prepaid plan, so every order of the current period is properly updated with the new address.

Shipping prices will not be updated automatically. It will be needed to manually process and communicate any extra shipping fees in order to update your fulfillment management system.

How customers export/download their previous invoices?

If your customers are asking for you to resend or provide the invoices and receipts associated with their previous charges, please let them know that this is yet another thing they are able to do from inside the customer portal.

Customers can access their invoices by clicking the Invoices tab found at the top menu, and selecting the receipt they wish to view/download by clicking on View receipt.

Customers can search for invoices that are directly linked to a shipment too. In order to do so, customers will need to navigate to the Shipments tab where they'll see all their past shipping orders and all invoices linked to the orders by clicking on View receipt, through which they will be able to view/download the pdf for each one of these. 

How customers switch between subscription plans?

First of all, this is optional and you can allow this action to customers by enabling it here in your store settings:

From the homepage, they can click on Manage and in the following page they will see a section called Change Subscription Plan. By clicking on Change button, they will be presented with the widget to select a different plan that will come into effect starting from their next renewal.

Note customers will only be able to change between pricing options of the same product, not different subscription products. Please check this guide on how to do that for them. 

How do customers use the addon feature?

They will need to navigate to their active subscriptions and click on Manage. Then, they will be taken to the subscription screen, and they will be able to attach it as shown below:

Duration stands for frequency of the addon, whether it's a one time addon or infinite addon. Quantity per shipment stands for amount of addons for the next shipment(s).

After configuring and applying the addon, they will be able to remove it as shown below, directly from the same screen.

To learn more about addons setup, visit our article here.

How customers reactivate their subscriptions?

Customers would need to go to their portal and click on the Subscriptions tab, then Manage on the cancelled subscription.

They will be taken to the subscription management screen, where they are able to reactivate the subscription through the Reactivate button. After clicking on it, they will be prompted with a calendar to choose in which date the subscription should reactivate:

In case of anchored subscriptions, you will be prompted with a list of dates aligned with the billing setup of the product. You can learn more about this type of configuration here.

What is the Feed for?

This one has to do with the content feed functionality. If you're offering any type of digital content that should either be hidden behind the paywall (so only subscribed and paying customers see it) or if it's a supplement to what you're currently offering, this is where your customers will be able to see the feed items.

Read more on how this works here.

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