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Designer Tools: Overview

Are you interested in design? Are you aware of the fact that only visually appealing websites can truly convert? Then we've got a real treat for you! If you want to reveal the designer within, check out the set of special tools developed by Subbly team. 👦

You'll be able to set your website Typography, customize the Layout as well as enhance the UI Kit using the nifty tools offered. 🔧

Introducing Designer Tools section

You can find the Designer Tools inside the Dashboard, accessible from the left panel on your website builder. 

In a nutshell, this app consists of 3 separate apps that you'll likely use interchangeably in order to set the correct layout and typography for your site:

  • Typography - for setting the typography across site and choosing fonts
  • UI Kit - to be used for creating buttons which you'll later use by loading the Button element
  • Layout - for setting up margins, gutter and borders between sections and elements for the desktop vs. mobile view

We created separate articles for each one of these for convenience. 😎

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