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How to change the shipping address for a customer?

So your customer is moving out? Needs his/her box to be delivered somewhere else? No problem! You can easily change the shipping address as explained here

Changing the customer's shipping address for the customer from the admin

Go to the profile of the customer in question and look up the Subscriptions section that displays on top. Click on the three dots to the left and then on Change shipping address:

You'll be presented with the widget to add a new shipping address so just complete every field and save it. Once done, you'll be able to select the address you've created and where orders will be sent going forward:

Or you can go to the Subscription tab on the main admin and select the subscription you wish to change the shipping address. Click on the pencil icon found on the right side of the subscription panel at the Delivery address tab.

You'll be presented with the following widget in which you'll be able to select or add a new shipping address.

Finally, when the new shipping address is added and configured hit Save changes.

Note that if the toggle Allow changing a shipping address for pending orders on customer area in Advanced settings is enabled you will be prompted with the following message:

Don't update - the address change will be taken into consideration only for future orders.

Yes, update - the shipping address will be changed for all orders, i.e. both current and future orders.

The prompt won't appear in case this toggle is disabled.


Can I edit a shipping address?

You can! While on the customer profile, you'll see the Addresses section to the right, in between Tags and Account Credit Balance. Click on the pencil icon to edit the information (you can edit any saved addresses):

After clicking on the pencil icon, you'll be presented with the following widget to edit each of the fields:

Can customers add a new address?

Yes, they can do it through their customer portal. To learn more about how customers manage shipping addresses go here.

Please note that customers cannot edit City, Zip code, Country, and State fields from the customer portal, meaning they will need to contact you to edit the previously mentioned fields on any existing address.

Got any questions? Let us know.

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