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Incoherent subscriptions

If you're looking for your subscription to create X number of shipments based on only one charge, than you're in the right place. Introducing incoherent subscriptions on Subbly.

Video tutorial

Video footage on how incoherent product setup works with Subbly can be found below:

What are incoherent subscriptions?

Before we commence, please note that we already have a general help article on how to create a subscription product and how to use Subbly's product builder here

Incoherent subscription is considered any subscription that creates X number of shipments/orders based on one charge for the customer.

For example, if you're running a magazine subscription business when you're charging your customers once on an annual basis for 12 monthly deliveries, you will be looking to build an incoherent type of product on Subbly. 

It's also worth noting that you are perfectly able to build an incoherent type of subscription to be either adhoc or as an anchored

How to set this up on Subbly? 

Should be fairly easy honestly. For what was stated above, the product setup should look something like this:

As you can see, the customer will be charged for his/her subscription only once every 12 months, but this payment will automatically create 12 monthly shipments, each one of these a month apart from each other. This is incoherent

How to add anchored shipment dates to my product setup?

In addition to being able to have the shipment dates for X days/weeks/months after the renewal, you can align shipping to your preferred cadence by enabling the specific shipping date toggle:

This one will allow you to create all the shipments for the cycle but having a regular schedule that doesn't depend on when the customer signed up. Their first box will always be the closest to the next shipping date. 

Incoherent with specific shipment dates is recommended when wanting to set a subscription with multiple shipments that is paid upfront. Unlike the anchored setup that must take into account the cut-off date considerations explained here.

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