How to reactivate customer's subscription

So maybe a customer is regreting for cancelling his/her subscription, the account was cancelled due to involuntary churn or something else... Either way he/she doesn't need to go through the checkout process to subscribe to your product again. Here's how you can manually reactivate your customer's subscriptions

You're able to reactivate the subscription of a customer anytime by going into the Customers tab of your Admin (or simply by clicking here) and search for the customer profile in question (name or email will do)

Once inside, check on the Subscriptions section and then click on 3 dots besides the cancelled subscription. as shown below:

Make sure your customer's billing info is updated to prevent any delay when taking following payments
If you want to build up a solid marketing strategy to reactivate your churn customers, you may want to take a read here.

Customers can reactivate subscriptions by their own too. You can learn more here.

Don't hesitate to reach out to customer support if you have any questions about this function. 

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