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Handling invoices

If you're looking to bypass the automated dunning tool and to manually run the charge or void a specific invoice for the customer you can do that from this section inside your customer's profile!

Video tutorial

We've recorded a video tutorial showcasing how to handle invoices and how to get the most out of the Invoices section of your Subbly admin. Please see it below as it is much more convenient that reading through the article for the most of you.

Before you commence, we've now introduced a separate part on the admin dedicate to Invoices, which you can access from HERE. Functionality is the same, except for you are able to see the list of all invoices and filter them accordingly on the new, separate page within the admin 😉

Handling customer's invoices separately

Since Subbly gives you the option to manually retry every unique invoice for every separate customer or to run a batch retry of all invoices that are currently in Past Due status, we will tackle both different cases. 

For reference, customer's invoice goes into Past Due status when the payment hasn't been collected on the first try when the renewal is due. We can say at this point that customer has an outstanding/pending invoice. Dunning tool will automatically run a retry for the payment at the time scheduled but you can also run a manual retry or void an invoice through the Invoices section.

In order to access the Invoices section for a customer you will need to go to Customers page on your admin, search for a specific customer (usually an email will do) and enter the customer profile. Then you will be able to see the Invoices section under Orders

By clicking on the three dots to the right of each invoice you'll see the actions available (which are explained below).

Generally, you will be able to see the previous PAID invoices. These you can:

  • Refund - you can opt to do a full or partial refund of the payment. 

When there is an invoice which is in PAST DUE, you can do one of the following:

  • Retry - automatically retries the payment and immediately using the CC customer has on record
  • Mark as Paid - marks the invoice as paid without creating the associated order for the invoice
  • Void - voids the invoice without creating the order / marks as uncollected, however, customer's invoice still stays labeled as PAST DUE (does not cancel customer's subscriptions, next renewal date will still be honored)
  • Forgive - Basically same as voiding the invoice, with the exception that it removes PAST DUE status from the customer (again, this does not cancel customer's subscription and the next renewal date will be honored regularly). 

Retrying the failed payments in a batch

If you'd want to manually run the retry for all invoices who are currently in the Past Due, you need to do the following: 

  1. go to the Invoices or Subscriptions section on your admin
  2. choose to filter only invoices/subscriptions that are currently in Past Due
  3. select all and then retry renewals 😊

Renewals will be retried immediately using the card which we have on record for the customer in question. 

If retry is successful, customer's payment will go through and the order will be created. Dunning tool will be cancelled in this instance. 

If the retry isn't successful, dunning tool sequence will continue to try to take the payment from the customer in regards to the scheduled renewal reattempt cadence you can set here

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