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Setting up Mondial Relay

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Mondial Relay is the local pickup solution popularized in the France market for the most part. It is a neat tool that gives your customers the option to choose between the local pickup points from their vicinity. You can set Mondial Relay as part of the shipping methods setup for your Subbly products as well.

How does it work?

Mondial Relay provides a network of drop-off point which can be used at merchant's and customer's disposal. In a nutshell, if you're a merchant offering Mondial Relay as a delivery option to your customers and your customer opts to get his/her parcel shipped via Mondial Relay and dropped off at a nearest point, all that you have to do as a merchant is pack the parcel and deliver it to the nearest Mondial Relay's drop off point. Their courier service will take the package from there and bring it to the chosen destination, ie., chosen drop-off point by the customer. Than it's only up to the customer to pick up the parcel once they receive the notification.

For more clarity on what Mondial Relay is and how it works, please check their site here.

Mondial Relay is setup within the shipping methods as a separate option for the local pickup. Make sure to cross-reference a guide on setting up shipping methods as well.

How to set it up on Subbly?

Although it might sound a bit complicated for starters, the setup is actually very easy. All you need to do is head over to the Shipping Methods section and opt to add another Local Pickup point as in the picture below.

On the next screen, you simply need to choose the country from the drop down and to specify the shipping fee which will be applied on the checkout and added to the customer's payment if they decide to use this shipping option while at the checkout.

Multiply price by shipments number toggle controls whether the shipping price for selected shipping method will multiply by the number of orders/shipments that will be created based on one customer payment. This comes in handy when you're handling prepaid subscriptions.

For example, if you're having one of your products setup as incoherent, your customers might get 6 orders created based on one charge. That said, you'd want to make sure to multiply price by shipments number given that you will be sending out 6 orders based on only one payment. If you kept this toggle disabled, that would result in you charging the customer only 15 EUR (as per the screenshot above) as a shipping fee for 1 order, and you will need to cover the costs for 5 more shipments yourself.
If you're operating in more than one country, make sure to add a separate local pickup option for every country you're operating in. Available countries are France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands.

And that's it! You're all set.

How it works on the checkouts?

At the checkouts, customers are first prompted to provide their shipping address before they are presented with available shipping options within the specific geolocation. As an example, in case you're offering Mondial Relay as a shipping solution only customers who have shipping address in France, once they submit their French shipping address they will be presented with the following options:

Based on the shipping methods' setup, they will be able to select Local pick up option from the separate tab and Mondial Relay as a solution.

After they choose Mondial Relay as their preferred delivery method, they will be taken to the next step where they can choose the preferred drop-off point based on their geolocation.

City field can be populated manually to narrow down the list of regions. Try typing down and the system will automatically offer some suggestions based on your search input.

PC is abbreviation for postal code and this one gets automatically populated based on the chosen city.

Map will get narrowed down to a number of drop-off points and customer can choose one by simply selecting it from the left sidebar. After the selection is done, customer can opt to continue with the checkout by clicking the Proceed button.

Finally, and as the last step of the checkout before the confirmation step, customer will be prompted to provide the name of the pickup person (along with the working phone number which will be used for SMS notifications).

How do I separate Mondial Relay order from a regular order on the dashboard?

You are able to selected shipping method from inside the customer's screen as indicated in the picture below.

Similarly, you will see clear reference of the selected shipping method on the order slip.

And if you'd want to see all your customers currently using Mondial Relay shipping option, don't forget that you can easily filter them out from the Subscriptions tab by applying the correct filter type to the Shipping Methods tab.

Have any questions or need any help? Make sure to reach out to the support team.

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