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Timeline events FAQs

Timeline section will help you determine key customer and admin events as updates, cancelations, etc. throughout the customer's lifetime.

Where do I find the timeline log?

There are two timelines that can be found at the main admin, customer timeline and subscription timeline.

Customer timeline will display all events linked to the customer account and can be found by accessing to your customer tab > select the customer, and you will see the timeline log under the notes section on the right side of the screen.

Subscription timeline will display all events linked only to the subscription and can be found by accessing your subscriptions tab > select the subscription, and you will see the timeline log under the billing address section on the right side of the screen.

What events can be tracked through the timeline?

There are various type of events that can be tracked through the timeline, which will be listed and briefly explained.

Detailed information about the event is stored as metadata timestamps, which you can convert using this tool.

Billing events.

  • Card_created - Added new payment method.
  • Card_updated - Edited existing payment method.
  • Charge_success - Payment processed.
  • Charge_refund - Refunded payment.
  • Charge_dispute - Charge dispute initiated.
  • Charge_dispute_won - Charge dispute won by merchant.
  • Charge_failure_api - Payment failed due to payment processor.
  • Charge_failure - Payment failed due to any reason.
  • Sca_confirmation_required - SCA confirmation required at checkout.
  • Sca_confirmed - SCA confirmed at checkout.

Customer events.

  • Balance_updated - Added credit balance to customer account.
  • Cancellation_offer_accepted - Customer accepted an offer from cancellation tool.
  • Customer_updated - Customer info updated.
  • Customer_tagged - Use any new/existing tag on customer.
  • Gift_card_issued - Issued gift voucher for the customer.
  • Gift_card_updated - Gift voucher linked to customer updated.
  • Gift_card_cancelled - Gift voucher linked to customer cancelled.
  • Gift_card_expired - Gift voucher linked to customer expired.
  • Gift_card_used - Gift voucher linked to customer used.
  • Gift_card_redeemed - Gift voucher linked to customer redeemed.

Coupon events.

  • Coupon_redeemed - Coupon redeemed.
  • Discount_created - Coupon discount rule created and added to subscription.
  • Discount_deleted - Coupon discount deleted from subscription.
  • Discount_applied - Coupon discount applied.

Invoices events.

  • Invoice_retry - Invoice attempt created on a pending invoice.
  • Invoice_void - Updated status of an invoice to void.
  • Invoice_paid -  Payment successfully processed and invoice status updated to paid.

Order events.

  • Order_shipping_date_changed - Order shipping date updated.
  • Order_mark_as_pending - Shipped order status updated as awaiting delivery.
  • Order_shipping_item_added - Added a new shipping item to the order.
  • Order_shipping_item_updated - Edited existing shipping item on an order.
  • Order_shipping_item_deleted - Deleted existing shipping item on an order. 
  • Order_archived - Archived order.
  • Order_cancelled - Order canceled. 
  • Order_shipped - Order marked as shipped.
  • Order_updated - Any of the previous order events will log ‘order_updated’ first.

Subscription events.

  • Renewal_cancelled - Renewal cancelled due to out of stock.
  • Renewal_out_of_stock - Linked inventory item out of stock.
  • Subscription_reactivated - Subscription resumed after being cancelled.
  • Subscription_cancelled - Subscription cancelled.
  • Subscription_created - New subscription created.
  • Subscription_skipped -  Subscription set to skip.
  • Subscription_paused - Subscription set to pause.
  • Subscription_resumed - Subscription resumed after being paused/skip.
  • Subscription_renewal_date_updated - Renewal date changed manually or automatically after renewal.
  • Subscription_product_updated - Switched the product the customer is subscribed to.
  • Subscription_updated - Any of the previous order events will log ‘subscription_updated’ first.

Explanations for Origin within timeline events' logs

For reference, you can find the Origin of the timeline log inside the pop-up you are being presented with after clicking on the timeline log in customer's profile. See screenshot below for clarity:

Origin specifies where the event was triggered from, helping you understand who/what caused the event to occur for that customer. Here are the meanings behind different origin codes within timeline events

  • CLI - event was triggered by Subbly's software. This will include automations, and other product setup settings that are supposed to be triggered automatically.
  • Account - event was triggered by a corresponding choice made within the customer portal, and it is likely that the customer was responsible for the event. If an admin logs into customer portal themselves and performs certain actions, those events will show origin as 'account' as well.
  • Checkout - event was a result of the customer completing checkout
  • Admin - event was triggered by making changes manually within the admin dashboard.

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